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Meet Our Wonderful Vendors

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Let me start off by introducing myself. If you don't know me, I run on faith as big as a mustard seed. Each of us is called to produce from whatever the Lord has blessed us with. I've grown to know that I am blessed with being a maker, crafter or you may even call me an artisan. These titles are each treasure in themselves. I sew, paint and create using items that sometimes are discarded and no longer viable to others.


Please know, every item I produce comes from the heart with a story, but my story is not yet ready to be told. All I can tell you is that through faith, this is part of my life journey - to grow my talent and share that talent with a conviction to give each of you an original creation.


My message behind my story, once revealed, is of faith and life-changing grace. For now I can tell you that this is what defines me as part of the Rustic Retail Market co-op team. A little different I know, but as they say, "all you need is faith as big as a mustard seed." Welcome to my booth. I'm Marinelle Blanchette of Grey Barn Market.


Many of you may not be familiar with the origin of MixMatched Creations. A couple of years ago, my husband Scott and I discovered that we couldn't conceive on our own. After consulting with doctors, we learned that we needed to undergo the IVF process. Despite having insurance, a significant portion was not covered. In response, we established MixMatched Creations in 2018. Our desire to expand our family is symbolized by the family tree in our logo.


We are immensely grateful to our customers for their love, support, and generosity. Within the first 7 months, their contributions enabled us to save enough to initiate the IVF process – a journey we couldn't have embarked on without them. Today, we joyfully introduce our beautiful, smart, funny, and sweet baby girl, Allie .


MixMatched Creations not only fulfilled our dream of starting a family but also granted me the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom, witnessing our little girl grow.


It all began with a single wood-burned sign I crafted for my dad, using a wood burner from Lowes. Over the years, I teamed up with my mother-in-law, Loreili Rothstein, as a fellow artist. We expanded our offerings to include laser engraving, hand-painted gifts, resin, crocheted items, and more. Most of our hand-painted items are unique pieces.


Embarking on a new adventure at Rustic Retail Market, we're thrilled to announce upcoming painting and crafting classes, along with children's birthday party painting sessions. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our classes!

Jess Rothstein

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Vintage and Vine was formed out of my love for beautiful vintage treasures designed with the warmth & coziness of greenery. I've always been drawn to vintage furniture but particularly the worn pieces that need a little extra love.


Many years ago I worked as a florist and although my career path veered in another direction, my love for working with flowers hasn't changed. In my booth you will find a mix of vintage & shabby home decor and furnishings along with vintage jewelry, accessories, upcycle and repourpsnd treasures and of course a selection of plants to compete the look.


Please follow Vintage and Vine on social media for updates and as always, thank you for supporting my small business.

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Hi there! My name is Leigh, and I'm the owner of Shake Your Glass!


SYG was started in 2023 when I combined my sense of humor with my love for crafting. I'm not one for the normal "live, laugh, love" decor that you usually find in stores.


I created what I like to call personality items; items I would want to purchase for my home that fit my personality. The most rewarding part of SYG is hearing customers' laughs as they read through my items.


Our items are made with love too!

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Hi all! I'm Kait, and my booth is Peaceful Presents Co!


I am a preschool special education teacher that got a Cricut as the best Christmas present ever from my family and husband back in 2020!


Initially I used my machine for things in my classroom. Then, I started making things for friends and family. I was having so much fun that I decided to make an Etsy shop in 2021 to sell my items to others.


With the birth of my son in 2023, I decided that I couldn't give the time commitment to Etsy that I needed and I wanted to look for a store environment to sell in. I visited Rustic Retail so many times in the past and finally had the courage to reach out to see if they were taking vendors. I am so excited to be part of the Rustic Retail Market and look forward to continuing this hobby that I love!

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My name Is Wendy, and I am the Zen Force; I am a Practicing Reiki Master and Oracle Card Reading and a long-time E-commerce seller with Several stores on Etsy, Amazon & eBay.


The Zen Force booth at Rustic Retail Market highlights the best of all the items I sell. I carry Crystals, Oracle Cards, Reiki Infused candles, and many other metaphysical products to help you obtain your best life.


Feel Free to contact me with any questions or if you are looking for something specific for your journey.


I am available for detailed Card readings or Reiki Healing.


Love & Light


Asparagus Sunshine is me!


It started out as my dad’s band in the late 70’s and then when I opened my antique shop in 2016 I used the name in my dads memory and my mom designed the logo!


Since I closed the retail shop in 2023 I now do select vendor booths so I can also do the other things I love. I have dusted off my culinary degree and am a private chef and am putting most of my efforts in developing a flower farm and medicinal gardens.


Asparagus Sunshine is becoming so much more than I ever imagined. But I still have an eye for design and curating so I could never stop antique hunting, so there will always be more coming in to my booths!

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We are a local company that hand pours all natural soy candles and wax melts. 

Our candles burn cleanly and smell amazing! 

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The Cottage, established in 2013 in Hope specializing in unique French Country and Rustic farmhouse decor, furnishings and charming gifts. As an interior designer I have brought my talent to help clients fulfill their decor dreams in their homes.


My second location was opened in Oxford until closure because of Covid. Now located in Rustic Retail Market in Belvidere, it is my dream to expand into a storefront in the future. I have expanded my line into The Cottage Bunny which will offer an array of spa and bath products, clothing and merchandise for comfort and happiness. As an entrepreneur since 24 when I opened and operated a fine art gallery showcasing my own work as well as well as artists from all over the country. My art has been sold in many galleries and I have been recognized as an established artist and have many written accolades about my work. I am currently painting for the prestigious ArtExpo in NYC in April.

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Step inside the Man's Cave and find unique items from old to new for men and women!




A little bit of everything! The pleasure of the hunt is to find things others may love...





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