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Meet Our Wonderful Vendors

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Let me start off by introducing myself. If you don't know me, I run on faith as big as a mustard seed. Each of us is called to produce from whatever the Lord has blessed us with. I've grown to know that I am blessed with being a maker, crafter or you may even call me an artisan. These titles are each treasure in themselves. I sew, paint and create using items that sometimes are discarded and no longer viable to others.


Please know, every item I produce comes from the heart with a story, but my story is not yet ready to be told. All I can tell you is that through faith, this is part of my life journey - to grow my talent and share that talent with a conviction to give each of you an original creation.


My message behind my story, once revealed, is of faith and life-changing grace. For now I can tell you that this is what defines me as part of the Rustic Retail Market co-op team. A little different I know, but as they say, "all you need is faith as big as a mustard seed." Welcome to my booth. I'm Marinelle Blanchette of Grey Barn Market.